How to Use the PTFit Massager​

Massaging the shoulder area with PTFit Multi
To relax the muscles found behind your shoulder, hold onto the PTFit Multi Roller above the pivot point with the hand on the side you are massaging. Place the double roller tip between your spinal column and shoulder blade and roll the tip back and forth with the handle. If you find a tight muscle, hold roller stationary and focus on relaxing it.

Massaging the lower back area with PTFit Multi
Massage all along your lower back and buttocks with the PTFit Multi Roller. Hold the Roller as shown with a hand on finger grip above pivot point. Roll the Roller back and forth along the area. If you have a tight muscle, continue rolling that area until the muscle relaxes.

Massaging the neck with PTFit Multi
Hold the PTFit Multi Roller with both hands. Place the double roller tip over your shoulder, allowing the rollers to touch next to your shoulder blade. Gently increase pressure and stretch your muscle by pulling the handle down and slightly forward. Release the pressure and move the roller up and down. When you find a sore spot, press several seconds and focus on relaxing the tight muscles, or until the pain eases. Relax muscles more by rolling you shoulder while keeping the end of the hook pressed on it.

Massaging the legs with PTFit Multi
To massage quadraceps, hamstrings and foot: Sitting down or standing up, the Multi Roller is a great massaging tool for the legs. Close the Roller and hold handles as shown. Roll the muscles in multiple directions to find the most effective method for you. You can also use the PTFit Hand Roller for massaging the legs.

Massaging the chest with PTFit Multi
Position the double tipped roller as shown below the collar bone. Work these muscles on the chest. These muscles are often overlooked. Continue rolling the muscles until completely relaxed. This also helps relieve pain in the shoulder and neck.

Massaging the arms with PTFit Multi
Close the Roller and hold the handle as shown. Roll the muscles in multiple directions to find the most effective and relaxing massage for you.

Massaging the sciatica and buttocks with PTFit Multi
Position PTFit Multi Roller as shown in the picture to reach the deep muscles. Press firmly with the roller to massage the muscle while focusing on relaxing the area.

You may also download a printable PTFit product guide containing these instructions.